Living Life: The Hug, the Kiss and the Handshake

Now I’m not an expert on this matters so don’t expect a politically correct view on this. I will nevertheless say my piece before I hold my peace, most certainly!

It’s part of life to meet new people, be in new settings and even environments and cultures that we may totally not be accustomed to. So we meet new faces all the time – whether in parties, business meetings or through social hangouts with friends.

Now the big question. What do you do when you walk in to a room and you see your friends, 5 of them standing or sitting in the corner – and with them are 3 new faces –  2 of your gender the other the opposite.

Of course I would imagine easily a hug and Mwaah,  Mwaah (depending on your gender*) would be a given for your friends. What about the 3 strangers? Some hugs too, and some pecks or will it be the vanilla handshake.

Fair enough.

Here’s one that irks me. Male or female, if ever you choose to hug me – please make it worth the while! No use doing a 45 degrees lean and throwing your hands at me as you stand so far away as if I was the cliff… or I got the plague! Come on show some love now as if you mean it!  Otherwise let’s do vanilla. No dead fish handshakes please!

Oh, no – I know some of you are cringing or at least know the disenchantment of this one. I certainly do think our dead fish about town should have big t-shirts or placards above them to express their dispassionate engagement. Me thinks they would do much better with a wave from a distance. By all means, stay far away for me – don’t come kill my zest for life!

Of course they are those zealots too who would break your arm if you let them, and certainly those who would stifle you to death with their big bear hugs. For me handshakes, hugs or kisses are welcome as long as they have some zing!

Talking of handshakes, I think the African handshake deserves a mention.  It certainly is an item for the Golden Globes – so dramatic, energetic and I guess for those who may not be familiar a puzzling phenomenon to behold!

I love it by the way – runs deep in the veins.  Ain’t no shame in it even in the luke warmness of big cities. Welcome to Africa y’ll!

Pecks and kisses are always fascinating. I see it often with my French colleagues.  Have some Dutch friends too who have also taught me the various conventions; the 2 part and 3 part peck… well, that is a story for another day. All I can say, it sizzles right from our European family, and girls it’s your thing keep doing it.  Either way, mean it please!

Mine preference is simple.  I’m not taking a chance in this life.  I’m living it to the full.  No apologies.  So bring it on baby – be it a big bear hug, lots of kisses or a hearty handshake. I love them all in the right context and measure. Certainly our world could do with a bit more zest and genuineness, even in small things.

So go hug, sow kisses and shake hands with pleasure!


Enjoy #Throwback Thursday!

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