Creative Mondays: The Power of Thought



Much has been said about the power of the human mind and thoughts. Words cannot contain its magnanimity and efficacy.The human mind is infinite with the power to transcend and from it comes our thought. Your thoughts are the most potent form of energy, this energy causes cosmic waves that penetrates into all time and space and forms our belief which in turn forms our reality.

John Assaraf in all his research about the power of thoughts, he talked a lot about how our belief forms our reality. If you believe or think you can’t do something, it sends a signal to the nerve cells in the brain called neuron which in turn reaches out to our mind generating a negative energy that now attracts that impossibility into our reality.

Energy is generated out of consciousness, you have to make a conscious effort to generate the right energy that serves as a driving force to your success, stay committed to happiness, let your thought inform your feeling and let your feeling take over your energy. Strengthen your dreaming and believing daily and expect physical manifestation.

The only limiting factor your life is your mind and you can help your mind think the right thought and generate the right energy; be continuously using affirmations and subliminal messages, say positive things about yourself, focus less on the minuses and more on the pluses. Deny your evil thoughts the pleasure of your attention, interrupt negative thoughts with what you want instead and you’ll be amazed at how much positive energy you’ll generate to your circumstances.

You must feel good to actually attract goodness to yourself. Remember, speak and think right….always. What your mind can conceive, you can achieve. At all times, think about what you think about; make a conscious effort at it.

I’ll leave you with these very interesting lines about thoughts

Watch your thoughts, they become words

Watch your words, they become actions,

Watch your actions, they become habits,

Watch your habits, they become your character,

Watch your character, they become your destiny

… unknown


When you’re gifted with the power of thought

It is a wonderful thing in a way

But it can also create problems

If your thoughts tend to go astray

The power of thoughts brings things to light

That we tend to postpone

But now folks with the power of thoughts

Have today become quite known

So if you possess the power of thought

And don’t know how to use it

Consult others who have the same quality

But very seldom abuse it

For the Lord gave us the power of thought

To do with as we choose

So hang on to it, always

It is one power you don’t want to lose!

…..Norman Van Horne

This inspiring and insightful post has been submitted for #CreativeMondays by the lovely Adeola from Lagos, Nigeria. Kindly share your comments

Wishing you a Super Creative Monday!

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