Terrific Tuesday: Popcorn Feeling

A teeming, expecting, hopeful feeling; and to know more about it, ask a Mum-to-be. It’s a Popcorn feeling. Just some days back the O level exams results were released, you could have seen the yester candidate(s) faces before then! Some were not even eating- you might get it wrong and say they were fasting; others couldn’t go out and meet people; while most were spending their days in church you might have confused them with the Vicar’s daughter or son. All the same the look in their faces indicated a brighter tomorrow.

Yah it was a Popcorn Feeling!

We expecting something good, we expecting good result, good salary increment ahead this month, better relationship with our boss, a life time marriage; we expecting she says yes, we expecting a baby, we expecting God’s favor  whatever it is, it’s all in the name of expecting  good news.

Yap and we call it a Popcorn Feeling!

Hurray- the baby kicked! Yippee-she’s about to accept my offer!  Yes, Yes! – do not give up!
The dazzling expression seen when we are about to get there, keeping hope alive! This is the moment when you realize nothing can burst your bubble; always praying “my God my God if only you’ll let me…….I will……

”It gets you excited, psyched up with a believe for a better and brighter tomorrow.”

Yep we all in the Popcorn feeling!

You are there anxious about the next minute, how intimidating the interview was, thinking you are already a failure, imagining of the worst…. It’s time to join in the feeling – raised your head up high, get some spike into your moods and know that tomorrow gonna be a good-better day ever!

Let’s expect the best out of ourselves gearing up each day with a Smile- a popcorn kinda feeling!

Yes the Popcorn way!

This post was submitted the fun and interesting Nelson Kennedy for #CreativeMondays. Kindly share your comments below

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