Blank Fridays: When Intention is NOT Enough…



This week I perhaps had the strongest indictment of my career in recent memory. When you are told point blank that your intention doesn’t measure up, certainly this catches your attention in a significant way. Or at least it should!

Yes, we have heard the expressions like.. the road to hell is paved with good intentions,

I’m a man or woman of action…., or actions speak louder than words…and even, good intentions are not good enough!

But hold it before we go any further. Let us leave nothing to the imagination. Certainly all these quotes, quips, mantras articulate valid points of view. But as a photographer, (yes I’m loaded with an SLR called S3!), I learn’t a long time ago something called…

Context, Context, Context…. Context.… to lending meaning to any message.

For any message to carry its worth in weight it must be relevant and appropriate to context.

Yes, do I believe we should never give excuses.. Certainly Susan!
Yes, do I believe we should never blame circumstance… Absolutemente!
Yes, do I believe we should push, pull, shove to get things done… It depends Pope!
Yes, do I believe we should be biased to action…. Affirmative without a doubt!

So where exactly did it all fall flat for me in all that?

I think…Still thinking….

Well, all I can say is…. never let anyone bust your bubble, kill your confidence, or sway your convictions on things that you know to be true. Sometimes its not just about getting things done, more important is the impression of getting things done. Simply making it look like things are getting done, or indeed that you are a person biased to action. Or indeed that you are more than cute face when it matters. It’s more an expression of politics than an act of policy. And hey I don’t doubt your personal integrity! Its more about managing expectations, than an absolute of delivery.

Impressions people, Impressions, they will save your face when Intention can’t rush to the door to your rescue!

Always remember in such circumstances, zoom in…. zoom out…. and never judge yourself too harshly… remember you are all you’ve got even if things should go bottoms up…. and anyway who said you should live your life based on other peoples opinions….. only minions live based on opinions!

Anyway, for those who care for a juicy story….. I closed the chapter by learning the lessons I needed to learn within the context…. I guess there will be a story to tell another day based on what I learnt and actions I plan (Muddly Intentions!!!)…. keep your eyes peeled, I will sure do a more elaborate post one of this days…

Wishing you a Blank Friday my people!

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