Timspirational Weekend: The State of the Dream Address!

We are 3 months down and in a few days it will be April Fools. Reflecting on the journey so far, and the theme of Creative Collaboration chosen for the year; It has been an amazing 3 months indeed! 

Exactly a month ago I celebrated GMT +3, a milestone in my life that means carries so much significance for me and speaks of greater things in days ahead.  The iTude’s anniversary too fell into the month of love as well as our Engagement celebration on Valentine’s Eve.  February was indeed superb and splendid in every way!

Certainly, a lot has happened too in the collaborative space – things that didn’t exist at all 3 months ago…. #Blogging and writing took off with a bang at the beginning of the year and 95 posts later it is still going strong; with a post – actually more than one post even – every day for the last close to 90 days! It also led to the discovery of such amazing talent and posts from some of our wonderful collaborators.

Check out some of the inspiring posts by the bevy of talent that has made the Timitude Blog.

Thanks to them and all of you who have supported the Timitude Blog; we have even earned a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks again to the lovely Amanda!

This area will continue to grow over significantly over the coming months of the year. The idea is to inspire more creative talent to express their gifts to inspire others for good.

#CreativeMondays! A collaboration that was spontaneously sparked off in a conversation with  @TheJPD in one of our coaching sessions has taken a life of its own on Social Media. It has since spawned a growing community of Creatives online via Twitter, Facebook and blogs – with so much creative output that has been nothing short of amazing.

I thank all the collaborators – @TheJPD @MargauxTweeted @DuchessShire among others for taking this to heart and inspiring others to create.

This is Syndicated for every Monday – we invite you to join us. Let us connect on #CreativeMondays on Twitter!

I’m actually excited about our next venture that kicks off tomorrow with @TheJPD – we are co-hosting an online radio show! Yes, the premiere of #MiddleofNowhereShow starts tomorrow!

Click on the link to join: http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventID=53181102

We invite you to join us for yet another exciting venture!

Other exciting projects that are taking shape include a Mentorship programme with the seasoned and wonderful Clem McGrath all the way in New Zealand as well as some serious online learning’s on my forte, technology and the Internet topics thanks to a host of many collaborators including my friend Kyle all the way in Minnesota. I hope to share more on this in future posts on this blog.

I’m also working on a book project as well and will be collaborating further on a series of ebooks that will be shared on the Timitude Blog and other forums in the coming weeks and months ahead.  It is indeed an exciting time and it can only get better from here.

It has been exciting indeed to be part of the True Greatness Coaching circle co-founded by fellow Coaches Janice and Crystal.  Ooh, there just too much I could say on this alone that would fill a whole library! Exciting times – this!

In closing, I would like to leave you with the words of Hellen Keller whose perspective on life has been my inspiration….    Life is either a daring adventure or. … NOTHING!
Those words have greatly inspired me whenever faced with taking a gamble in life.  I have learnt that unless you try and take the chance of failing; nothing will change and you will end up living a dull and colourless life.

So this weekend, I pose a challenge and question to you…

What are you doing with your life?

Whatever it is I encourage you to give it a shot, whatever your dreams and ambitions – it’s never too late to get started or change course.  I hope the below Infographic that I found on LinkedIn inspires you to get started today!

Its Never too Late

Wishing you a lovely reflective weekend everyone!

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