Whispers of Summer: Meeting Anna

Her name was Anna
She was such a stunner
We met in summer
From the school of drama

Oh yes she had good grammar
Great speech not even a stammer
So cute and graceful such a manner
She was the girl to take to gramma!

She went to school that you could tell
Such a fine girl she went to Yale
So unspoilt sweet, slender and tall
Stylish and simple sexy and all

I tried to impress I was so obsessed
Such a beautiful smile she possessed
With such shine I’d never be stressed
Just her smile was cure for the depressed

Well, we got started with conversation
Chest pumping and all such pulsation
Should I or should I not spill my intention
She certainly captured my attention

I guess I had to give it a shot
And at least hear what she thought
I’d be a fool not to find if she liked me or not
And so I made my move towards what I sought….

To be continued…..

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