Hope: The TRUST Principle

courtesy: lilac-n-lavender.blogspot.com

courtesy: lilac-n-lavender.blogspot.com

Hope is about the believe for a better tomorrow; the fundamental trust that all shall be well. In fact in the olden English, hope is defined as the feeling of Trust.  Hope coupled with faith can be a powerful combination.  It animates the soul to hold on even when things look rather grim and bleak.  It is the TRUST Principle.

So let’s explore what is the TRUST Principle using the below acrostic

Thank God
Gratitude to the creator is an important ingredient in maintaining a positive perspective during difficulty. Being grateful to Him is an expression of Trust in his ability and power to save and redeem even from the most dire of circumstances. This is an important pillar of the TRUST principle. Gratitude will always keep you in a good stead and ensure the sanity and sanctity of your soul and spirit even in uncertain times. Gratitude is a more powerful weapon than any debate and is the truest expression of Trust at a core of your being.

Renew your Faith
It is easy for your faith to be battered and to falter during stormy times.  Mostly your self-belief and believe in God is affected.  It is important at this point to find rituals to renew and refresh your faith. For some it is meditation, for others its prayer and reading Scripture.  Or it may be just listening to songs to lift your spirit or keeping close contact to people who speak faith and positivity to you as you face difficulty. Whatever rituals work for you to keep the flame of hope alight, indulge in them; keep them close.

Understand He is able
This is an important one fundamentally and it is all about letting go and letting Him be. It’s about giving Him total control of a situation and resting in the knowledge that He is more than able to take care of the things that are beyond your reach and indeed He will. And with this understanding all you need to do is simply keep showing up and just do your best.  Surrender and let him do the rest.

Speak life
It is a Biblical principle that life and death are in the power of the tongue.  It is important to speak life at all times more so in such times of difficulty.  Trust is reinforced by thinking and speaking positively and leaving no room for doubt to creep in.  In fact out crowd doubt through your positive actions and speech. Your words are anchors that can tower above any storm, so speak life!

Tests don’t last
This is important to know even as you trust.  That tests and difficulty are not forever.  Or as Scripture puts it – they will come to pass.  Tests, trials and tribulations last only for a period.  Testing too is beneficial to the firming and strengthening of our character.  Tests, if we hold up and don’t give up, can become stepping stones to our dreams; they can become food and fodder for our wellbeing. Simply tests can become testimonies!

So what is it that you are facing in your life right now?  What is it that you are looking forward to in the horizon of your tomorrow?  It may not be even very clear but yet deep within you have inkling or a lead.

Remember the TRUST Principle that will keep hope alive even as you brace up and hold forth to a better tomorrow.

Keep trusting, and keep Hoping no matter the odds.  Wishing you a TRUST filled Sunday!


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