Creative Mondays: 5, Nay 6 Creativity Boosters





Exercise & Movement
Exercise or movement gets your mind active. The increased flow of oxygen and blood circulation leads to a creativity rush. Your lungs, your heart and your brain are in the best shape to churn out new ideas.   Have you noticed the energy shifts from exercising and movement and how it gets the creative juices flowing?

Jogging, running, swimming, dancing and even walking are all about movement and put you in ready mode for creativity. So if you want to boost your creativity get into gear and get moving; you will be surprised how much creative energy you will begin to generate. 

Variety / change in context
Creativity thrives at the cusp of change or variety.  When you take a break between tasks,  when you shift gear from work mode to holiday or rest mode,  when you try something new. This disruption or change of pattern sparks a creative flow in your being. In fact there is a common expression ‘Change is as good as rest’.

As you shift gear, or change context your brain endeavors to adapt to the new setting and this shift is very conducive to seeing things in new light which is the essence of creativity. In effect the break in monotony and routines awakens the keeness to notice new things or to look things with a new perspective. So keep changing your contexts and setting, and the benefits of creativity will begin to flow.

Problems and necessity
It has long been said that necessity is the Mother of invention. Problems continues to inspire new creative solutions every day. In fact problems are at the core of the innovation and creation process. The challenges posed, the pains and discomfort spark the mind to find solutions to mitigate the issues or problems at hand. 

I know sometimes we desire a world free of problems, but if this was ever to be the case. Creativity and innovation would be dealt a great fundamental blow. Rarely do we wake up with the desire to just be creative for the sake of it. Sometimes we are forced by circumstances around us to exercise our mental and creative faculties to solve problems. This is not necessarily a bad thing, if anything it is something to be celebrated and not tolerated. Be grateful for the problems around you for they allow you to keep thinking and keep creating!

Conversations & collaboration
Great conversations often lead to great creative ideas. The feel good effect of great conversation often leads to spontaneous creative ideas .This can show up at any time even with little effort. Conversation in itself is a creative process, it is an artful that engages our being, our mind, emotions and body. This self-expression in and of itself can lead to all kinds of ideas. In an organizational set up brainstorming is used as a trigger for creative ideas to solve problems or to come up with new products and services.  Poems, song lyrics, and other amazing creative output may have just started with a conversation. It is an unstoppable stream that you can tap into to create amazing things. Who do you enjoy great conversations with? Who do you enjoy sparring up your thinking with or even collaborating with? This is can be your booster to create the next big thing!

Humour / laughter
Jokes and Humour are among the most creative of art forms. Laughter as the good book says ‘doeth good like a medicine’. Humour and laughter certainly has a positive effect lifting our spirits and igniting the creative spark of our heart and soul. The lightness of humour and fun allows as the see things in another angle that would not be possible otherwise. For example if you go about a task or an assignment with mindset and a spirit of fun, there is a huge chance that not only will you enjoy the experience. You will also stumble upon alot of possibilities and opportunities for creativity along the way. This certainly would contrast significantly if

Questions & Answers
Questions always spark creativity. Questions always will beg for answers!
What if……how about. …Why and why not type of questions can trigger creativity as it gets the mind into overdrive mode in trying to think and see possibilities.  Questions get the mind to work consciously and subconsciously to find a solution to a problem, or get an answer to a question posed.

Asking the right questions can trigger your mind towards finding amazing thoughts and discoveries…

Questions provide that stimuli for the brain to engage, it stretches your mind and the result is creative output of amazing proportions. Pose some questions today and indulge your creative energies!

Wishing you a super amazing #CreativeMonday!

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