Letters: Dear April…

Dear April,

I thought April was for fools honey! That is why I abstained yesterday!

Well, we have come far and certainly this month is not for taking stock… yeah, hit some turbulence in March.

We even lost an airline and for close to 3 weeks nobody had a damn idea where a whole Malaysian flight was!

In fact I almost believed what one blogger wrote that a rich Emirati sultan had decided to ‘give it a go‘ – simply he had asked the pilot of he could fly a whole damn plane and that is why he ended up in his kingdom in the middle of a desert in the middle of nowhere….

Talking of Middle of Nowhere, Janice and I began co-hosting an online talk show – spontaneous, intuitive, fun… and with absolutely no rules….with the same name #MiddleofNowhereShow… so I guess this is what we have in common with the alleged Sultan who managed to hide a whole plane in his yard until we all learnt the sad news that we had lost it somewhere in the Indian Ocean that is not even near to India…. All the way down under!
Our sincere condolences to all those who lost dear ones in this tragedy. That was so sad!

Moving on, I pray that you will be a good month. Ride smooth and easy please… and no drama please….Bring Easter eggs, and funny things like bunnies… Its Easter Month… the time we reflect of sacrifice and love…a time of renewal of hope and faith… Bring it on me, dear April!

Let there be love, let there be Joy, and Oh, Let there be Gratitude!

Speaking of Gratitude…I hope this is the month we will finally make it happen… The Gratitude project which @TheJPD… and I have been talking about. It excites me… one of those things waiting to be born!

April, I fret about the cold months ahead… the days shorter… the nights longer…but as some song says…. ‘I will survive’

I see, I might need to write you another letter my dear April… something much more fun, maybe. I wont pretend though, quite honestly am not feeling the love…. perhaps just a case of ‘No Romance without Finance’.

Well I brace myself for busy days ahead… but for sure, It will be good action. No Drama Please April!

Wishing you a great April Month everyone!


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