Blank Fridays: The Boss!



“Nelson is our *** in operation?” (Boss asking)

“Morning Sir, its working but out of 5 transactions only 1 will have a hitch though the cause is not from our end” (nelson replying)

“Ensure that the *** link is up and running 24/7 without any hitches” (Boss)

They are just so bossy, am here thinking in mind ‘how am I gonna solve that if am not the cause?’ They make orders, they push you around to do what they think; they watch your moves and can sack you if you are not careful. They plan, could be strategically or haphazardly but come to think of it, it’s amazing how they keep things going. One sip of a cup of coffee or a flip of newspaper page entices the decisions progress, making it hard to say No when you really wanted to say it. We call them Sir, Mr, few of them go by the title Dr… or such and such which is remarkable for good etiquette, but all in all they remain Bossy.

I was about to grab my Boss by the neck and pull his head out of the window when he told me that, but I refrained, my senses couldn’t allow me. It’s a respect given in a two way direction. He knew I can work on it through a third party or reliable contact persons’ and whenever I find it difficult I just have to call him and he will aid me through. He was not being Bossy, he was being the Boss. Getting things done through delegating of duties. He might be too hard on you but please get it right – it’s just to bring to notice that he earns more than you.

It’s very difficult for any success to be achieved without a whip on your back, without someone to push you when you feel you can’t, without someone telling to you – you have to be on time! Without someone shouting at you when you mess up; and how good for that someone to be your Boss. A person you look up to as your supervisor, your teacher, your Manager, CEO or your Father; Am quite sure this is a person who knows your weakness, who understands your desires(to sit on his seat) , a person whom you’ve been with in more than ages – what’s the point of disliking him for life? What’s the point?

As you see, there is no point!

The weekend is just around the corner; you have piles of papers on your desk and huge file work to be completed; Mr Bossy tells you how he’s been invited as a guest of honor in such a Harambee (fund raising) and later on will hook up with his family at the Beach hotel as tradition. There you are thinking and imagining the awful ideas ever…. Please! He’s your Boss, how else will you know that.

“Being a Boss is making the people you love hate you a little more each day.” 

I might agree with Patrick Ness when he said that. Let’s face the fact he is the Boss and there’s nothing you can do about changing that title but at least you can work on to earn the title.

Wishing you a bossy ___blank!_______ Friday!

:::> This post has been submitted by the humorous and fascinating Nelson Kennedy for Blank Fridays.

Feel free to submit any post that fills in the blanks and lightens up on a Friday


3 thoughts on “Blank Fridays: The Boss!

  1. Thank you, great inspiring blog, i’m so looking forward to start reading and discovering what you write on here.. 🙂

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