Timspirational Weekend: The Waiting Game!

courtesy: anniversawi.wordpress.com

courtesy: anniversawi.wordpress.com

Reflecting on life I have come to realize that we have been trained and programmed to live on ‘waiting mode’.
Right from early days we are taught to wait, to be patient as our parents called it.  Yes of course anything good and worth its salt takes time.

Wait until you grow up, then…. is the story. Wait until you get to this level, then this will happen or then will you get this……

So learn to wait and in time we become perfect waiters.  It’s a pity we don’t turn it into a profession and carry the tag line with our name on it. Nevertheless we are waiters at heart.

So we are told.

Wait till you finish school, so you can follow your dream
Wait, you will get a job after….

So we wait…

The whole of society made this their sing song; though it has not necessarily lived by this Creed in every quarter.  Life in general and business in particular is never a waiter’s bay.  Things must happen and have to happen NOW!

The pressure of competition, the incentive to make money throws a complete spanner in the works.  The word WAIT is alien in these circles.  Or it doesn’t mean the same thing at least.  It is for the impatient, the aggressive and the NOW people.

courtesy: biblicalcounselingcoalition.org

courtesy: biblicalcounselingcoalition.org

The wait mentality permeates our life, and so we are told if we can expect or ‘wait’ for it. In time we will get it. Maybe true sometimes, but not always true!

Waiting is akin to standing in a queue.  It’s only worth the while if you are waiting in the right line; yes and if you are smart enough to glean the most value from it. Yes, there is more to life than waiting – you can make friends in the queue, strike deals, read a book and learn something new from someone different from you. Relish the moments, take deep breaths; reflect and refuel.  It should never be just about what we were taught. Every moment should count!

Yet most of us get stuck in this way thinking and way of being. We perfect the art of waiting for tomorrow.  So we dream today,  and imagine tomorrow would just be perfect.

We think of the ideal and excuse our reality
We wait for the perfect moment before we act
We bypass the many ordinary moments and wait for that one perfect moment
We conjure and live for perfection,  when in essence there is no such thing!

So we wait,

For prince charming to knock on our door,  while we doll up pretty by the mirror
For Mr opportunity to dance our way while we entertain our minds with all kinds of imaginings
For resources and money to find their way to our account and to give us a ting when the ching is in…..

Time flies and with time age catches on. No,  you shouldn’t live your life based on such lies.

It’s true.  Time flies and it waiteth not for any man or woman. You owe it to yourself to LIVE Now and LIVE to the full.

Thou shalt not put off to tomorrow that which you can do or is possible today.
Thou shalt do that which you can today and worry not about tomorrow.

Thou shalt live hopeful and expectant of tomorrow, but not at the expense of today.

Today is your GIFT….Give it ALL you’ve got…. because it is ALL you’ve got.

Tomorrow, yes tomorrow in the eyes of today is but a dream.

courtesy: keepchasing.com

courtesy: keepchasing.com

I end with this quote from Mike Murdock

Yesterday is in the TOMB; tomorrow is in the WOMB, but today is in your hands. Today is your PRESENT.

 Yeah, Today is a GIFT….  LIVE Your Life to the FULL today!


Excepted from my upcoming book – Working title ‘Living your Best Life’

4 thoughts on “Timspirational Weekend: The Waiting Game!

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  2. I really enjoyed this post. We do seem to wait for things and situations to be perfect before we take action. If we never take action though we may miss these amazing opportunities. Thanks for the insight.

    • Hi Travis, Glad you enjoyed this piece. So true what you say, we live most of our lives in the waiting zone.. only to realize that we are the ones we have been waiting for all along! Thanks again for stopping by.

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