Perspective: The LEAD Principle

I have long had a personal principle I live by that says if I have better perspective about anything, then I’m in position to lead.



Perspective is all about being able to see things from different points of view; it is from these points of view that options and possibilities become apparent, and ultimately the line of action to be pursued.  In fact vision, which is a core ingredient of leadership is all about perspective. It is about taking a point of view, long, short, or medium!

John Maxwell, my role model and mentor on leadership often says that, leaders know the way,  show the way and go the way. 

So let us unpack this principle in a simple way.

What do leaders do?  The simple answer is leaders Lead. What enables them to lead? Or what makes them stand out from the crowd? Or what enables you step up and lead in a situation?


We will us the acrostic below to unpack and understand this principle better.

Look at

The old adage look before you leap comes to play here.  Simply look! Look up, look ahead, look all around to understand and make an analysis of the situation before you act.  You may have had the analogy of the blind leading the blind in the Good Book. You simply can’t lead anyone anywhere from a blind perspective. Even yourself! You will simply end up in a ditch, or worse down the cliff!

Everything from

Look at Everything and make no assumptions.  Things are often interlinked.  There is often a word used in quality circles ‘root cause’ analysis.  What is at the bottom of the pile.  What is the root cause of the issue you are facing or dealing with? Remember the law of cause and effect? Being thorough and avoiding assumptions saves you from making the wrong conclusions, and ultimately in identifying the correct solution.

A different

This works in tandem with the above point. Examine and explore all the different scenarios, possibilities, options, suggestions, ideas, elements. It is about being open minded at to discover at this stage. It is about embracing all the different points of view without discriminating. The two points especially help you avoid bias and blind spots that are often difficult to see and can often negate your efforts. At this point, anything and everything has merit.

The next stage is about evaluating…all about dimension


Weigh the merits and demerits of each or the pros and cons as is often called.  Simply, dimension is all about measuring evaluating, weighing. At this stage it is possible to identify and choose a line of action or series of steps to be taken in dealing with an issue.

At this point you will be empowered with a better perspective than before that will allow you to Lead or offer guidance on an issue.

As you can see the LEAD Principle is a key daily principle that can add great value to your life. We all need a healthy perspective at all times as we face life’s challenges and in the spheres of our operation where sometimes we are faced with situations where leadership is required; personal or collective.

I hope the LEAD principle empowers you to be in the Lead through perspective.

Wishing you a great Sunday full of perspective!


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