Relationships Thursday: Learn To Become Your First Love!


Nancy Wyna, on Self-Love, Service, Purpose and yes, the dreaded Quarter Life crisis….



Everyday happens to be a knowledge experience for me, learning to accept and being grateful for every cause in my life. I’ve reached that point in my life where I’m very clear about my purpose, and it has become a powerful driver for me.

On every occasion I align myself with the purpose of serving others as best I can and expecting nothing in return, my incentive is prevailing and I live totally in the present moment. Yes! I’m still open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement and acceptance. I have learned to be my first love, in all my glory and imperfections. I Have come to realize that if we cannot love ourselves, we can never fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. I hope for a better development, a world rest in the fearless and open-hearted vision of people who will embrace life

At the same time, part of my life is still being sprint at the level of business, career, family and money. This is the level where my self-worth gets mixed up and I think about things like generating income, opening up a business, building a trademark, however I can also see that this is a lower level of consciousness than that at which my purpose draws me towards. Perhaps I may have to think of reality and may be forget about the childhood dream which I used to hum “I want to be” when I grow up…am already grown up now, a piece of me convinces me may be it’s better if I don’t trance at all.

I feel like almost giving up and may be the dream will catch up with me someday, but I still cannot let the thought of it flee my mind am still holding on to it. On the other hand a new fresh dream faces me, one that I never imagined that I would dream of. Each new day am finding myself wake up to new reality against all odds, feeling hopeful and times when I’m lucky I realize in the face of everything ,in the look of life the true dream is being able to dream at all.

When I work at the level of purpose, my worry for all my expectations fades. When I work at the height of my dream, my ability to live my purpose is weakened. The problem is that these are two different levels of consciousness; they’re contrasting I can shift between the two states, but I can’t remain in both simultaneously.

I always realize that the level of living a life with a purpose means that I devote my life purely to service. This is the level that suggests that no true professor seeks substance gain. Material put on is neither here nor there I only need to cover my basic needs, so I can keep doing my best to help people.



The level of purpose has become so much more real to me now. I would rather invest incredible effort in helping someone solve one of their most difficult problems for no material gain whatsoever than become a billionaire. I know that may sound like a hyperbole, but at the level of consciousness I’m at the type that it is. It’s true for me, doing so mainly out of a desire to grow and to serve others. And even though I’ve only scratched the surface of my purpose, it’s been tremendously fulfilling I’m grateful for friends who always inspire me.

I can see my life purpose becoming a reality in existence. I’m in the condition right now which has been referred to as the “mysterious night of the essence,” where I’ve left behind one reality but haven’t yet landed in the next. Because I’ve pushed myself to grow so much over the past few months, I’ve experienced this point before.

So here I am once again, now trying to reach a level where I am driven purely by the intention to serve, wondering if at such a level, there is indeed no need to worry about meeting one’s basic needs. I intend to continue along this path as long as this reality will physically allow it…yes am at quarter life crisis!

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