Blank Fridays: I Thought…

…And there goes pain, heart ache, betrayal and …please borrow me a word…



Thought we were friends, best pallies, meant to look out for each other?

To answer all bugging questions and seek solution together?

Thought you were my friend, in whom I confide in, in whom I trust?
Would do me no harm, whom I thought looked out for by success?

Thought I could rely on you, and just talk without a care in the world?
Without a care or burden, about vision, dreams, aspirations?

I thought…oh, yeah! What was I thinking? It really had been just that!
A thought…my thoughts! Now I know better…Thanks for Nothing!


// Thanks to the beautiful Adeola for this piece for Blank Fridays… 
She will be running a column on the Timitude Blog every Wednesday… 
Look out for her posts from Next week!

—- Wishing you a ____________ Easter Friday! —–

2 thoughts on “Blank Fridays: I Thought…

  1. I can feel the pain here, which I guess is a good thing. We have all been betrayed by friendship at some time, so on this Holy Week Friday It’s good to remember the ultimate betrayal.

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