Courage: The BOLD Principle!

The pre-text of our Principle today is the Godly mandate given to Joshua in the Scriptures – to be “strong and courageous…”
emphasized in the opening verses of this Chapter. You can read for the fuller context. [Joshua 1:1 – 9]

We will use the acrostic below to unpack and understand this principle in a practical and simple way. The key word to unpack is BOLD.

Here we go!

Courage is about going big and not shrinking back even though circumstances try to put you in a small mold. Naturally and easily when faced with difficulty, our first reaction is to retreat and hold back.  This is what I call the tortoise effect ‘all about retreating to your shell and playing small’. Even worse we tend to lose perspective through looking at life from a ‘keyhole perspective’. The Bold principle demands that we play by a different set of rules.  As they say ‘Go BIG or Go home’ instead!

Courage requires you to go beyond normal; to be outspoken and outrageous.  It may sound unruly but to be courageous means to be fearless and to be driven by a Holy indignation that fears no man but loyal to the cause. In fact outrageous is defined as ‘very bold and unusual and rather shocking’. So be outrageous; be extremely bold!

Level of
Courage is a game lifter! It is about playing and engaging from another level; from a level of fear to that of faith- from that of loser to that of winner. From self-doubt to self-believe. Ultimately it is about having and acquiring a ‘can do’ or a ‘Yes we can’ attitude needed to overcome in such circumstances.
It all begins by lifting your ‘inner game’. This will ultimately impact your outer game and lead to amazing results.

Courage is about confronting issues.  It is true you can never overcome that which you can’t confront.  Courage requires you to step out of the crowd and take a stand and to make it count.  You can never lead from the middle of the crowd.  You can only lead from the front line.  And this is always a daunting challenge even for the brave heart. Dare is all about overcoming the veil of cowardice and fear to face the giants of our life.  The great epic story in the scriptures of David and Goliath perhaps illustrates this in the perfect way.

Yes, there are potential consequences of bold actions, but dare anyway!



I end my favourite quote by Hellen Keller who said

Life is either a daring adventure or. …NOTHING!

Be inspired to be Courageous today through the BOLD Principle!


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