Hope Tuesday: Let It Rain!

The clouds turn dark and with the precipitated water, it becomes heavy enough to fall under gravity, forming water droplets, before you know it- it rains. Sometimes accompanied with thunder and lightning other times it is just drizzle with fog or moist present. It doesn’t choose time or day but most of it occur in season, predicable seasons! Though of late the ozone layer is becoming depleted because of industrial pollution and waste making it harder for a complete season to occur.

It brings forth LIFE in it, brings forth water that sustains everything. It can cause destruction too! When it pours heavily, and it leads to loss of lives. I stay in a city where it rains nearly every day, if you can put that in a season – we kinda experiencing one too season in such a short time!. And when it rains here it really pours!

So, let it rain….

As Michael W Smith sang “let it rain, let it rain. Open the floodgate of……” A very powerful song that signifies the outpouring of the substance of need. If you prayed for a child, a good job, a better relationship, for the blind to see now, perhaps your prayers are being answered! It will sometimes pour with thunderstorm when you feel people are against you; you feel pressure from the workplace and your boss, you feel no one appreciates your efforts and the applause is always given to the other person. It will never pour so clearly and you will not like it when it rains. You will not like it when you go to church every Sunday and waking up every Monday In the same situation; you won’t like it when you see your friend’s miles ahead and you standing, you won’t like it when you see every dream you had being shattered by your boss miss-treatment.

But I like it after it has rained, when the grass becomes greener, when the field becomes fruitful, when that little brat who told said you can’t make it, comes running for forgiveness. When it has rained!

Let it rain now!!!!

This post is submitted by the witty and humorous Nelson Kennedy – He will be running a dedicated column every Friday starting next week!


2 thoughts on “Hope Tuesday: Let It Rain!

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    • Thanks for the heads up. I have recently changed the theme – I’m effecting some additional changes in the near future that hopefully will change this for the better. Keep reading via Chrome, I’m acutely aware of the challenges of accessing certain pages via IE. Thanks again!

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