Timspirational Weekend: War and Peace

Courtesy: filipinofreethinkers.org

Courtesy: filipinofreethinkers.org

War and peace are the emblems of our world.  We love, we hate; we fight and we strive for peace. War and peace are inevitable paradoxes of our existence and as long as we live the oscillation between the two shall endure.  Each time we have to take a stand in defense or at offence for what we believe.

Courtesy: bookquoteshub.com

Courtesy: bookquoteshub.com

Conflicts are never easy nor desirable, but they are rarely option items in the menu.  Often they are standard meal served on our platter and we have to deal with it.  We either can duck under the table and avoid it, or go silent and quiet on it never wishing to utter a word about it.  Or as brave hearts deal with it head on – with the cutlery at hand, folk, knife and all.

The pathway to peace is rarely easy and straight – perhaps narrow and even dark at times. Requiring of caution and care. Discrete and direct, diplomatic and daring, discussing and swearing. Whatever it takes!  Peace is war.  War is peace.

The ambitions of jealousy, the striving for power; the demagoguery of control. The gravity of self.  The raging of vices and virtues of the human soul.  The politics, games and gimmicks of existence.  Taking a Stand. Making a statement in such turmoil – is never the call of cowards. It takes nerve, verve, bone and blood to stand up and count.

To save a marriage you must be willing to fight.  To gain you must be prepared to lose.  To win ready to bleed all to break the rope.  To prosper be ready to sow, give outrageously.  To lead willing to serve – hated or loved, unreservedly.  To live, inevitably, you must be ready to fight and stand for what you believe and is worth fighting for.  He who seeks to save his own will lose it.  Only those who are willing to give it all up – will straddle home with the victors crown and a hero’s welcome.

Bleed. Lead. Hate. Love. Strive.  Fight. Believe.  Dare.  Hope. Trust.  Confront.
If peace is to be served. If it is to be for me and for others – it is up to me to fight.

All it takes for evil to thrive

War and peace are birds of a coin, one appearing to oppose the other yet Siamese twins in the hands of our surgery.  To choose our fights wisely; to stand our ground in defense of what we believe. To confront what we must for peace to thrive.

I choose peace. And even if means war – I will fight for it. May you choose to fight for what is worth in your life and may you win the war!

Keep it #Timspirational!


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