Thrive: Live on Purpose!

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What are the powers that be? Why do people resort to greed even if it affects the existence of others?

What happens when someone decides/choose power and wealth over empathy, sympathy and genuine love for the people?

I have always wondered why the world is in so much pain and anguish, why do we have so many people struggling to survive when in the actual sense, we have been created to excel and succeed beyond our wildest imagination?

More and more people live way below their potential and are just satisfied with just being alive and getting by.
This trend is increasingly becoming alarmingly disturbing, if only each individual will take a break from the daily struggle for survival, quiet every noise around us, have a meeting with self and find answers to the most pressing question….Why am I here?



It is a confirmed fact that all humans generate or have the enormous ability to generate positive energy powerful enough to transform his/her world. You can only imagine what the power of our collective energy could achieve. It is time for us all to awaken to our purposes, be still and tap into the inner energy, the force that helps us thrive and be a great success rather than just struggle to survive and allow depression and pain.

Now is the time for us all to act, make that move. Your action or inaction influences the world around you either positively or otherwise. We all have what it takes to thrive – so live beyond just surviving; don’t just drift through this life but rather live without limit. Soar, THRIVE!

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