Relationships Thursday: DeJa VU!

>>>|| It’s like DeJa Vu – || ….
[ Let your heart mellow with the dazzling poetry from the talented Nancy Wyna ]



It’s like I won’t say much, but lest you forget, feelings do hatch,
May be…….more or less detached,
Either way they still leave a patch.
It’s like been hit by a ray,
Then thrown into disarray,
Authentically you display, a dazzling away,
Sometimes, my mind very far away.
And I picture you inside.

It’s like I now want to say much,
Your exquisiteness is super natural,
So they tell me …You are such a great catch.
I smile and think of your fairly touch.

It’s like am so Agile,
I show it, you don’t, and you fear being hurt,
I don’t persist, I relent …… are fragile.
What do you trust your instincts, or your heart?



It’s like a Deja VU,
How we met at that rendezvous,
Such a hysterical moment of bliss,
Much of historical moments I miss.
But if perhaps you sound any distant than this,
Then I’ll just blow you a kiss,
Tell you bye and never forget words like this,
You are nature’s master piece.

Just in case you feel, you need some space,
In such case, don’t use much phrase,
Just utter, don’t flatter,
I will slow down the pace.

No please don’t stop, am right behind, just trying my hair piece….
I will follow, I will trace …..If trace I don’t, I sorrow to disgrace,
Because of space, feelings, I might misplace… But wait! I will chase,
Because of you my heart has refused to displace, my soul has refused to replace!

But I won’t tell this face to face, not until we are back at that place where we began the ‘RACE”




— Its a beautiful day, International Workers Day, May Day or Classic #TBT —-
for all your labour — Enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “Relationships Thursday: DeJa VU!

  1. DeJa Vu are good words. Entertaining poetry and story in your words.
    “Because of you my heart has refused to displace, my soul has refused to replace!’
    Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry. I like the above line a lot.

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