Blank Fridays: It’s All Within You!

– –))) Be inspired by the Witty and Fun Nelson Kennedy… Have an easy, and inspired Friday!



Kung Fu Panda 1 clearly illustrates the power of a blank mind. My favourite actor Pooh chosen to be the Dragon Master and save his city under evil attack was to achieve his powers through some scroll writings which was believed to be magical. Apparently after he gained access to the scroll, the script was BLANK.

Everyone couldn’t believe that the ever guided scroll that was thought to be magical and protect the city from evil had NOTHING inside it. It took him time and with the help of his father, Pooh managed to realise that the power within the scroll was not in the writing rather ‘it was to BELIEVE that he was the Dragon Master.’

We work so hard, read so hard, wake up very early in the morning just to strive to the goal, yah the scroll. And what do we see at the end NOTHING! We see ourselves hustling for jobs after years of study, we see ourselves not promoted after a hard work done, and we see ourselves BLANK.

Frankly speaking in such a midst my friend, we just have to realize that the value of ourselves in not in the papers that we think we have, it is not on what you think people need to see, rather it is to BELIEVE that the value of ourselves within us.

In that moment you feel you have nothing –you indeed have much than you think!

It’s all within you!

Wishing you a ___blank________ Friday!

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