Letters: Dear May…


May Day! May Day! – it’s getting colder in my part of the world – heading to Winter! I know others will frown,
but I’m a summer baby love.  Shorter days,  longer nights here we go! 

I have never been full of ambition,  or felt such momentum.  April was the month of ‘bring it‘. And what a month it was! So much ‘brung‘ in 30 days!  More than ever I have never been closer to reaching my dreams – ideas flowed,  thoughts clawed,  April was so awesome!

May now that you are here,  be magical,  be magnanimous,  be great!  Let the magic of May take over the helms,  and Mayfair be my princess and keep us away from Mayhem. Let the whistle of Grace and Greatness echo in my corridor,  even as I brave the giants who have lined my way.  Yes, I’m stocking my armoury for war too!

For in such moments of great momentum,  there’s always great adversity.  Every time you step up for significance – your enemies stick out their necks to try and shoot you down from your new pedestal.  So Madame May,  I’m ready for my moment to step out and step up – I will not be cowed most certainly by the plotting of those who are out to fight me or discredit me. Boldness is my bow, faith is my arrow, courage is my helmet and shield.  I’m ready for war. I’m ready for battle. And I know that the armies of May shall prevail. 
So bring it on!

And to you my Gallant Soldiers who are not afraid to fight for a worthy cause
To you the heroes of the struggle who have made that choice to sacrifice
To you who have taken a stand – never to be afraid to live out their convictions
Never scared anymore to face their dreams and confront your dreams and your greatness

To you my friends
Who have chosen to emerge from the shadows of survival and are daring to step into their significance
To you who are dreaming dreams despite the odds – reigniting passion, founding start-ups,  daring to find love again,  finding the Grace and courage to forgive,  choosing to go out and try again. ..
To you who are dusting yourself up for yet another shot at it, you that are believing again that it can be done. 
You that is emerging from the shadows of many failed attempts to give it another bash

You my friends,  you are the gallant heroes, The brave hearts that we will celebrate at the dawn of spring,  the sons and daughters of promise who will change the face of history with bravery.

So for now,
May the bravery of May be with you
May you fight fierce, fearless but fair
May the magic of May inspire you
May you be all you were meant to be through the struggle.

Mayfair, Mayfair – May we all win the war!

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