Sacrifice: The GREAT Principle

Sacrifice is about giving up status quo in the now for something better in the tomorrow.

We will use the word GREAT as an acrostic to learn more about this principle.

Give up
Greatness and sacrifice are synonymous.  To be great or to rise to significance requires sacrifice. Giving up status quo,  comforts,  prejudices and predispositions that may or may not be serving us in the now for the better in the tomorrow. Or as John Maxwell calls it, we must Give up, to Go Up!



Risk and Reach out

Sacrifice is not about guaranteed risk; though it may be calculated. Foregoing a cherry looking opportunity because it may compromise your values or saying yes to other opportunities that you may feel you are not yet ready for with the prudence of pursuing greatness.  Risk looks like loss or folly for today, but on pay-off it will be regarded as wisdom and foresight.




Greatness finds its bed in character. Sacrifice and greatness are inside jobs. They are embodied in virtue, the bedrock of character. When we talk of historic greats such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Ghandi and Jesus Christ,  each of them embodied certain virtues, some which are profoundly associative. For Mandela it is reconciliation, Mother Theresa, Love and Service,  MLKJ,  racial equality and fairness, Ghandi brotherhood – Jesus Christ – the embodiment of sacrifice out of love, for the salvation of mankind.


A Higher

So in place of greed we embrace generosity,  in place of arrogance embrace humility,  in place of lust we prefer love. We simply embrace our highest form of self as empowered by Grace high above the requirements of the law and rules.




The call to great and significance demands a sacrifice of prejudices,  and opinions and letting truth be the guiding light,  however inconvenient or hard to confront it may be.  Living by Truth and not facts or opinions. Truth liberates and sets free – facts are truth claims that fail the test time and transcendence of principles.  Truth is time tested and offer principles that you can anchor your life on and as scripture says… when you know, it ‘sets you free indeed’



Be empowered to live by the GREAT Principle today.

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