Timspirational Weekend: What inspires us, The ABC’s

Courtesy: inspired-living.org

Courtesy: inspired-living.org

Foremost I would say Art has a way of making our souls breath and our spirits dance into a trance.  Indulging in art, whether by creating it or by enjoying it, not only has cathartic effects but also makes us feel alive. Whether It is listening to your favorite opera tune, dancing away to the riddim, reading the Scriptures, reading or writing poetry or watching the Phantom of the Opera – All of this stirs up our being to aliveness. 

I have never imagined living a life without beauty.  I’m a self confessed beautiholic, and don’t even bother to help me recover from this.  I mean, who doesn’t love beauty and beautiful things all around them? Beautiful landscapes, horizons, nature, things…; flowers, jewellery, clothing, people, women! 
Our desire for beauty and expression of the same from the inside out is nothing but inspirational.


That energy and expression of passion and conviction.  So galvanizing, so magnetic,  so inspiring! They not only move hearts they often get hands to action. Think of those people who just by listening to them or being with them,  you just want to get off your butt and swing into action… So infectious – inspiring you to want to see things change for the better – to want more out of life. They words or presence put back the vigor and fire within you, to believe in possibilities and seize opportunities around you. Wisdom is to always be connected to such people!


Totally souled out to a cause,  a dream or an ambition. The mother doing her all with love and care to her family ( Happy Mothers Weekend to you indeed!), the father who is slaving away to provide for his family. The lovers who are braving distance, culture, and other hurdles to see their relationship thrive.  The one sitting by the bedside of a loved one to love and care for them in season’s of sickness and ill health. Such stories inspire us indeed. They remind us of the best possible and good of humanity, we know of such stories, and such people even when there is not much of publicity.

Courtesy: yukoishii.com

Courtesy: yukoishii.com


I’m a stickler for excellence, when things are done with an exquisiteness and quality that the after glow is nothing but magnificence and awe. Excellence is everywhere, but it is not as common as its cousin brother, mediocrity. Excellence in service,  design and architecture, speech and eloquence, dance and expression, music, food and culinary.  We know it when we see it, and indeed ticks our marrow, and makes us go wow!  within.  There’s is something indeed about that wow factor that takes our breath away, causing all sorts of feelings within our being.  Gratitude,  joy, excitement, deep breaths, and yes indeed a tear or two is inescapable sometimes!

So, what inspires you?

The ABC’s of Inspiration will be continued in a future post. What do you think F, G, H & I will be?  Please share your thoughts.

Wishing you a Timspirational Weekend!

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