Mothers Day: Motherhood in An African Context

Mothers, they bring love and life to the world. We celebrate them today for that.  Thank you & Happy Mothers Day! ~ timitude #MothersDay #Quotes #Mothers


Motherhood is a universal concept that is embodied differently based on culture and context.  For example the Western world would embody this differently compared to the African way of motherhood.  The universal principles of motherhood of love, care and nurture cut across cultures however. Enough of philosophy!

I’m a child of many mothers as I was raised up as such in the warmest of African cultures, in a rural village setting that gives me my roots. Oh, no my father was not a polygamist if you are wondering – a man of one wife, he was – my mother – God bless their souls as both are now passed on.  I remained though, not motherless, but blessed with mothers who have been there to nurture me on even as an adult.

Growing up, under the care of my Grand-mother, the Super mum who ensured the young lad I was was well fed to be a healthy young boy. Aunties as others would call them, offered maternal love and support to see me grow wings and begin to buzz as a now overgrown teenager to a fine young man who was ready to take on the world.

I have been blessed with this gift of motherhood, even as a young man, by God’s Grace, being connected to maternal love and nurture, even in such settings as the local church, and in cities where oft love is a stranger.
The gift of motherhood at least in an African context is one that doesn’t fit into a bottle. I imagine that in a way this is mirrored, in a more global fashion across other cultures.

In a way I’m careful not to oversimplify motherhood into a day or an occasion once a year- where we swoon with songs, cards,  gifts and emotions in the name of celebrating our mothers.  Certainly nothing wrong with that! In my world,  motherhood spawns working the fields,  feeding the children and the community, reaching out to others to lend a hand in difficulty. Their role and trademark in the building of society and the economy is self evident. Starting from the door yard of family.

In this regard I have never minced my words that I’m indeed a ladies man, I’m a woman’s man, indeed I’m my mother’s son. Yes, and if you are wondering why I haven’t claimed my father’s,  another day will come (Fathers Day isn’t such a big deal around the world after all, is it? ). Besides, where would men be without mother’s? Mothers are indeed the cradle of our existence,  and we love them to bits.

—– Here at the Timitude Blog, we echo the Global Call for the return of the abducted school girls in Nigeria last month.. indeed #BringBackOurGirls! We cannot let anyone steal our future Africa!



To the memory of my mum who passed on 5 years ago this year.
Dedicated to all the mothers in my life, on this special occasion.  Happy Mothers Day indeed!

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