Creative Mondays: 5 Reasons Why Monday is the Most Creative Day (of your life!)

Fresh start after the weekend
Fresh or tired after the weekend, Mondays offer you a clean slate to start again afresh.  Mondays can be your best friend when you begin to see it as a new beginning, after the weekend breaks. Once you have this perspective, Monday will never be the same again. It will be as refreshing as the dawning of a new sun filled with possibilities and new hope.



Change is as Good as rest
The shift from weekend to work mode is rather drastic and thus the lethargy often associated with Mondays.  There is no more perfect soft landing than a creative pad, that fits perfectly into such a transition. Getting your mind wrapped on creative ideas also gives you the benefit of completing the psychological rest loop that you so much need during such a drastic shift. It is a documented fact that we are more creative after periods of rest and Mondays fits in perfectly in this regard. So, make room for creativity every Monday!



Kick start the week – No more Cafe!

Monday perhaps is the most coffee’d day of the week as people look for a way to kick start their week. Coffee is used by many around the world to get that kick or to ‘wake up’ often to the rude reality of Monday. What if you couple your coffee ritual with your creativity, or what if you set that aside as a moment open to the inspiration to create.  This is how the #CreativeMondays movement began a few months ago,  and you haven’t seen the end of it yet. So every time you lift a cuppa think #Creativity.  It will change your life!

Slow day – low expectations
Because of the low energy that is often characteristic of Mondays, there often lower expectations in terms of productivity and engagement levels. Simply put rarely do you do a sprint on a Monday, it’s really more of warm up for the rest of the week.  This offers the perfect opportunity to indulge your creative side which in addition to it being fun is also very energizing.  I could never imagine a successful week without #CreativeMondays! And the creative collaboration that energizes me.  It’s always exciting to be on the journey with others who are creating their world around the globe. And you are most welcome to be part of it!



Blue is the new black

Monday is indeed the new BLACK! It’s the new cool kid on the block where creatives hang out and create super cool stuff.  The things they love,  the things they care about. It offers room to explore their potential and open up to their passion. They write,  they chat, hash tag,  tweet,  RT, collaborate, share jokes, doodle and paint and are not afraid to get their hands dirty.  Monday’s are no longer the dull bloke in the corner; It is no longer blue and boring Mondays. They are now open,  creative and collaborative. I always look forward to #CreativeMondays!

Question is, Do you?

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