Marriage: In Search for The MANUAL

:: > Have you ever wondered if Marriage came with a Manual?
Adeola eloquently captures this in this post in her Weekly column

The joy, the fun, the thrill and excitement. You can almost reach out
and touch the awesome feeling of love, fulfillment, achievement;
finally, the long wait was over.

Its only been 6 months after that fun day, the day that seemed nothing
could ever go wrong in the union, the day that waved goodbye to long
quarrels and arguments (or so they thought).

Where in the world did all these misunderstandings and come from? How
did it they get here? When did it become so bad? Whatever happened to
’till death do us part‘? And ‘I’ll forever love you till I breathe my
last breath’?

So many questions needing answers, yet asked by many and for so long.
Sadly, various love stories, like the legendary Romeo and Juliette,
ends in a sad ending

Yet the questions still linger, just like we aren’t handed a manual
for parenting alongside the birth of a child, so have we not, a
marriage manual. I wonder why that is my friend…maybe we should ask
generations before us or better still create one…

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