Relationships Thursday: Why Being Unmarried is the secret to being Married!

One of those classics dedicated to those who fell in love and have never recovered 🙂 – enjoy it!


Wedding rings

Have you met a couple that is so in love you wonder whether they are married? Or they are just dating?
Often, this couple will be all over each other and you may even hear people saying ‘get a room’. If anything it appears as if this ones are having a fling or something saucier.

Have you met that couple that you can tell just right at the outset that things are serious that they are married for real? You will see mostly how the man reacts when the woman speaks, almost immediately he would swing to action at her instruction. Or you would find that she will not even argue; just one look and that would be enough for him to look the other way. Simply you can tell by the look of things that they are married indeed! In fact there is no juicy or saucy speculation after and you…

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