Blank Fridays:IT BLINKS at The END!

::: We often feel like quitting after a few attempts, be inspired not to quit too soon with this amazing post from Nelson Kennedy



“The attempt to create light in a bulb failed 10,000 times before it was successful by a single person (Thomas Edison). Can you imagine what the world would be like today if Edison quit after a number of tries like the rest of us often do? In ‘light’ of Thomas Edison, be persistent in the things you truly wanna accomplish. The world just might be a better place because of it.” – Roman Price, Founder of

It is hard for someone to continue after the 3rd, 4th or 5th trial that’s why we mostly consider top 3s in most of the scores; so anything closer to 10,000 times trial might be just a dream. In some experiences more than 5 times of the red light hazard still popping you considered a layman and with no doubt you become discouraged.

Thomas Edison story is just but a few of them and history has it that never in the world would any such great invention be discovered in just a flash/ in a day/ in a first trial – all lies in hard work with persistence.  You never know! The 100 times could not even look like a sketch but the 101 count might be the master piece.

In life we are faced with situations where we think it never gonna shine yet the sun is always there. The brightest moments are always there, just with time and all will a blaze of trial…

No haste and never give up in life – keep on keeping on- doing the best of what you can!


Happy Bl____nk! Friday!

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