Gratitude: The THANK YOU Principle!

This is a simple but an important principle. In fact it is one of the SET of Three Courtesies of Life – Sorry, Excuse me and Thank You (SET). The Bible also encourages us also to Give Thanks in Everything!

We will use the acrostic word THANKS to better illustrate this Principle.

Gratitude is an important Action and characteristic of our humanity. It is an Indispensable To Do item on our life list to be ticked daily as often as possible.



Gratitude is about expressing honour and respect for others. Letting them know that who they are is important and valuable to us and to the world. Gratitude is about regarding others, and this we do with both our words and actions.

Gratitude is about recognizing and Appreciating the Goodwill, service, favour or courtesy extended.  Appreciation is the oil that lubricates the gears of society enabling it to run smoothly.

Nurture &

Gratitude and expressions of Thanks nurtures Good in people and society.  Gratitude is responsible for both the good and bad in our society.  What is appreciated Grows. In fact what we are thankful for we see more of and multiply in our lives.  Words and Actions are powerful creators of our world.




Acknowledgement is the official statement gratitude.  Being specific, sincere and intentional in expressing gratitude is very important.  Learn to acknowledge the good will and courtesies received from others truly,  freely and sincerely. It is the official statement that recognizes our mutual value to each other as human beings.



Somebody (for something)
Gratitude can be a vertical or horizontal expression.  Foremost to our Creator,  Father or The Supreme one – the creator of All. Second, to other’s,  fellow flesh and blood.  Gratitude should be extended as much as possible in both this directions – for favours, Graces, courtesies, kindness, service and Goodwill. The Word Thanks, or Thank You encapsulates this in the best way that no description can.

Thank You,  Merci, Gracias,  Obrigado,  Asante….. whatever your language this principle applies universally.



— Allow me to Thank YOU for visiting the Timitude Blog for making it what it has become.  Here is to a Heartfelt THANKS to YOU!


However you say it –  Mean it, Do it often, and do it freely (with Grace).  Always live with the Attitude of Gratitude!

Wishing you a Thankful Sunday and Week ahead!

2 thoughts on “Gratitude: The THANK YOU Principle!

  1. Gratitude is often appreciated by those who have gone without things that normal people take for granted………….. with trials, come the thankfulness……….

  2. Very well said, and true. It is indeed a principle that people appreciate more after trials. Hopefully we can all learn to have it as a daily value and principle

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