Poetic Tuesday: Oh, She Danced…

Oh She danced,
She waltzed and sashayed
She swayed and twisted
She flipped and twirled
Oh she danced

Oh she danced
And swayed
Like a feather

In the wind
She danced
And tranced
Like her life
Was the dance

She danced so soulfully
Like a ballet in a ballroom

She danced so spiritually
Like the choir in the pod
She danced so entrancingly
She danced so purely

She pranced and galloped
She spun and somersaulted
She pulled the Ninja
And the Chuck Norris

And I never knew such
Splendid moves

She danced freely and truly
She danced so beautifully
So Gracefully
Oh She danced

And Smiled
Only in my eyes

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