Relationships Thursday: Treat it Differently!

|| Another beautiful piece from Nancy Wyna on Relationships. Read On…. ||



“If you want something to last forever, you treat it in a different way” I still remember this line from my dearest mentor, I didn’t understand what it meant until I grew up to be more responsible, determined and fond of it.

It’s so adverse the extent to which people go searching for love and once they find it they become very contented and they forget to shield and protect it.

Most at times, after getting what we want everything tends to change and it becomes hard for us to continue working even harder to protect what we have gained; instead we tend to abuse and expose relationships which meant so much to us to the elements.

We need to learn how to strive to continue pleasing and loving those we never want to lose, never treating them as common or ordinary. If your relationship ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly need to sparkle it until it gleams like new found love.

Relationships tend to become special because you have made it so and worked solidly; they grow more beautiful and precious as time goes by.

A relationship cannot survive on its own; it needs the care and nurturing of mature people, who can give into each other in a way that creates a mutual beneficial connection.

To foster a deep and loving relationship researchers say that there is need for the sharing life lessons with the person you love, as it brings along a positive response towards your relationship.

Presently, as we need to breathe to survive, your love also needs a breath of fresh air to flourish .Giving your relationship what it needs to thrive is a truly loving gesture. Make some personal examinations and moves that are healthy for your relationship. Share this with your spouse and you will be surprised by the affirmative response. Take some time and start it all over again!

3 thoughts on “Relationships Thursday: Treat it Differently!

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