Character: The CAST Principle!

Character is a BIG Deal whichever way you look at it. It has so much weight in Relationships, Careers and Society in General. We are always concerned about Character, ours and others. But what is it anyway. What does it entail?

So May the REAL You Please Stand up!


We will use the acrostic CAST to further unpack this principle.
CAST – an object made by putting material in a mold. In a way – our character is a CAST – we mould it everyday through our choices.

What we carry deep within, determines who we are and what we express outside, therefore Content is Character! Simply the substance of who we are is in what we carry. What we carry is infuenced by what we let into our lives, through our eyes, ears, thoughts and those whom we associate with and allow to influence us. There is a popular geek phrase – Gabage in Gabage Out! What you let in, will surely come out. So watch what you are letting in today!



Mindsets and ways of thinking form and shape our character, or how we behave… perhaps this is best illustrated by the classic quote by Ralph Emerson Waldo

“Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.”

Attitudes encompasses our ways of thinking, habits and behaviours. There is a famous Proverb – bad company corrupts good morals. We always have to be careful who and what influences us because in the end it will reflect in our ways of thinking and behaviour.

Spirit is about your aura, that intangible part of you. Simply put, the animating force behind who we are.
You have had people with towering personas, or with such gravitas and magnanimity of presence that is often unexplainable. Both, positive and negative. It all emanates from character – who you are and what you embody at the very core.

Finally individuality, and persona and uniqueness is a big part of character. We all are unique and different and this comes through as part of our character. Our individuality should be celebrated and appreciated in its diversity by all means, we have to be aware however of the blindspots and weaknesses that often prevail across the different temperaments. In fact this helps us to relate better with others and complete and complement each other in our journeys as humans!
Remember, we are ultimately responsible for our character through the CAST Principle. So choose wisely!
I have often said, You are your own reward – and this happens through Character!



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