Creative Mondays: The Purpose of Creativity!

  • Solve problems
Necessity is the mother of invention

Without creativity and human ingenuity,  problems would not be solved, challenges would not be overcome – and perhaps humanity would not have survived this long! Inventions, innovations and new creation have only been possible because there was a problem to be solved.

Creativity allows our soul to breathe. Creating allows us to to recreate!  We relish our creative works and nothing could be more fulfilling -just as the Master Creator did! By extension our creativity refreshes others, and thus the reason why entertainment for example is such a big industry as it represents a platform where creative talents, gifts and skills are expressed.
  • Inspired living



Creativity just like beauty is inspiring. The opposite of creative is routine or mundane, and rarely can we live inspired lives from such a point.  Creativity awakens the core of our existence as fundamentally, we were created to create.  When we are not living out and exercising our creative potential there is little hope to inspire ourselves, let alone those around us.
Creating yields value of some sort which often can be traded for money or other tokens of value. Creativity can yield great rewards and is an appreciated quality, across the board regardless of biases. Find what you love and enjoy doing, and you never have to work a day in your life!

Ultimately, our creativity will be expressed in a craft,  a trade,  tasks or areas of passion in the service of others.  Creativity exists in the context of ourselves and others. If you are not using your creative abilities to help somebody else, then you are not fully living out your purpose.  Ask yourself – What am I doing with the creative my potential? What else is possible? What value and service do i offer for others?



Creativity is the secret to living a successful and fulfilled life. Begin the journey today, that is the reason for #CreativeMondays! Blow the whistle and awaken your creative potential!


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