Potential: Becoming The Me I Want to Be!

:::| Inspiration | Motivation | Potential | Passion | & | Purpose
:::| with Adeola

You desire better but it seems to be the same thing each time. You’ve
done self-evaluations and it scares you to even try again as each
time, you keep feeling disappointed at your level of achievements. You
are not alone in this, many of us are still really working towards
becoming that person we wish we could be.

In my quest for fulfillment which in turn translates to a great level
of happiness, I have stumbled on very interesting and helpful
materials I thought to share with you and promise to keep sharing each
time I get the opportunity to.

In getting started, I must say that one lesson that keeps re-surfacing
has been the importance of the state of the mind in accomplishing or
amounting to anything in life. A positive self esteem is of immense
importance and a priority to personal achievement. You have to first
see yourself as the person who deserves the kind of success you

In one of his teachings, John Assaraf emphasized on what he termed as
neuro re-conditioning, this is the situation where you re-condition
your mindset to agree with whatever future goals you have be it
financially, spiritually, a personality trait or a certain goal. It is
allowed in this case to ‘lie’ to yourself that you are ‘there’ and
start living in that consciousness.

What happens is that the ‘forces’ around you starts to conform to that
thinking, YOUR surrounding, everyone and everything starts working in
your favour and when they seem not to, your state of mind actually
makes them work out.

Brian Tracy talks about a mind game he called ‘inverse paranoid’ this
he explained, is a state of thinking that everything works in your
favour in contrast to the paranoid who believes otherwise.

Start thinking, acting and believing your future, put a bit more faith
in what you can do and achieve, believe it enough and see it happen.
Remember, we don’t believe what we see, we see what we believe.

In closing, you MUST know that ‘...the world will ONLY accept you at
your own estimation…Brian Tracy’

Till next time, keep believing, keep succeeding

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