Relationships Thursday: What’s Love Got To do With it?

😐 Relationships | Love | Perspective |:- By Timitude

Love has been sung about,  fought for; people have lost money, danced lame and even died – all in the name of love.

And as Tina Turner famously sang what’s love got to do with it?



Stories are endless where people have done the ridiculous of things all in the name of love. Our TV Screens and cinemas are flooded with images that are meant to portray love in full colour. 

Again, I have wondered what’s love got to do with it?

In most ideal situations lovers would be shown declaring their undying love and devotion for each other. They stand at the altar and proclaim I do, teary eyed and with trembling voices and the magical words are spoken.



And as life happens it’s never a straight and easy road sometimes.  And the big bears of relationship begin to play out. Here is a sampler of some of them.

And so you have seen spouses lie through their teeth,  be it over the phone or even to the face of their partner,  but with outstretched arms use the magical words ‘i love you’ as if for a magical blanket that nurtures a lie to truth just by saying that.

Or the dramatics as often shown on Telly where lovers air their dirty laundry. In fact a whole programme is dedicated to this – cheaters.  And yet in the midst of all the drama, love is the words that often fills the air amidst the brandishing of cameras and running battles. 

And often there is maltreatment or even abuse – verbal,  emotional and psychological disrespect. Unkind words spoken,  disdain, undermining and disregard.  And the magical rug of love is pulled in as If to soothe the situation.

Long unending tales of why X or Y was done or not done.  Ooh, and yet you are the only chill pill that gets me ticking – the alpha and omega the whole toot of love lingo to quell the long train of excuses. I guess love must be a blank cheque we could even cash at the bank even if we have been bumming and bankrupt all our lives!

Promises and Rhetoric
*I will cross the river for you* as Monica famously sang. …
*I will always love you* as Whitney bleated
And perfectly so *Love doesn’t ask Why* as Celine declared

I will, I will indeed for you I will even as the emptiness of the words rings true
And hearts are broken
Disappointment abounds
Such words still spoken and promised
And the love word thrown in for good measure.

Just words

Well, I wonder and ponder, just as others have on the same. 

What’s love got to do with it?

Is it part of the package in the love deal or what is it?

Somebody help!

What’s love got to do with it!

4 thoughts on “Relationships Thursday: What’s Love Got To do With it?

  1. This is the very first time I frequented your web page and thus far.. The research you made to create this particular publication is incredible.

    Great job!

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