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It’s different:
The beautiful Thursday relationship piece titled ‘Treat it Different’ from Nancy Wyna enticed me to talk about this. I echo the line from her mentor “If you want something to last forever, you treat it in a different way” so I ask how will it feel when you’re treated differently?

I work where the core business stand is customer satisfaction, nothing less! Everyone believes they have to be treated right (even if they are wrong!). It’s difficult to find such a treat if not hard to maintain it but very much possible to make it a routine.

It’s a different treat everywhere:
Very true when they say your entrance can either lighten up or darken it; rather reception matters most. How you’re received, the feedback from their end, the way they make you feel welcome- it leaves you want to come back again.

Sad when it comes to people who don’t realize your presence, snubbing your efforts to reach them leaving you feeling rejected. Yah it happens, especially when you had psyched up yourself for a better treat only to end up embarrassed or something worse.

 It’s a different treat more to your expectation:
Worse than a surprise, daring never will you ever repeat or come back again. Just the other day you heard a nice thing about it, decided to give it a trial – look! Turned up to be worse than you thought.

Now this is what we call a delight gesture. You hadn’t planned it, going on with your business worse still you imagined it will be bad as yesterday- and for a moment all that changes. One cheerful hello hug, one astonishing service, one warm wonderful treat changes everything.

It will always be different
Expect the unexpected, the better the treat the better the difference. We are fast to react to sudden changes and we resolve to prove how good we should be treated, but sometimes it’s better to realize it will never always be to our expectation no matter how routinely our works demand- there are times where the deference will also be…….

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