Timspirational Weekend: Never Alone!

::|Inspiration | Hope | Faith | Overcoming | Purpose |::

Courtesy: groundreport.com

Courtesy: groundreport.com

God is there for us and promised

Never to leave us nor forsake us
Family is borne for hard and happy times
Friends, they hold us through
And there are those that stick closer than a brother
When life gives us lemons
When life throws us mangoes
And we feel like going bananas
It’s time to make a cocktail
And gather those who love and care
And commit all in prayer
And throw a celebration
Because it shall be well
He knows the end from the beginning
And His plans are for our Good
Always Hopeful and Guided by purpose
And to steer us to be All He wants us to be
We are formed in His image and likeness
Fashioned for Significance and Greatness
We are never alone
Always surrounded by a cloud of witnesses

Cheering us on to run the race
With endurance
We are never alone
Even our adversary has a part to play
They validate our dreams
And give us reason to strive forward
Through hardships and trials
Strangers even have a part to play
He uses the unknown and unfamiliar
To bring us to new horizons and spaces
We are Never alone
As He whispers through the wind
As He raps through the rain
As He smiles through Sun,
Breathes through new hope
Through new mornings
New beginnings
And inspires through the stars,
Even in darkest of moments
And Yes
We are Never alone
Because He hears us
When we call
We are Never alone
Because God answers prayer

/// This Psalm and Poem is dedicated to the honour of God, and to inspire all those who trust Him through the changing season’s of life. May He Answer you when you call.

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