Paris, My Love Affair

My Love Affair with Paris….


J’aime Paris!
And so you think I swooned and fell in Love with the City of Love at first sight!
How could I when it was 0 degrees when I landed?
And so you know, I’m an equatorial baby –
Mmh, a time like this is the perfect blazing summer in my part of the world
So it wasn’t exactly the perfect midsummer night dream for me.
As I ambled by through the straight and narrow gates, boy what a sneering and Louis Vuitton strong accent met me at hallowed immigration gates!
The man literally couldn’t believe I had made it to this shores. One look – and I knew I had not come home to mama.
The fellas eyes, and his beaked nose (am from Africa – mine a perfect round! ), looked like he had spent the night drinking Caribbean Rum.
I guess the word Monsieur is always polite and…

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