Relationships Thursday: Why Don’t You Love Me?

This is one of my favorites. ..




*There was a boy she loved painfully through two school semesters. Months
later she told me how she had taken pennies from my purse to buy him candy.
” Licorice  was his favourite and I bought him some everyday, but he still
liked Jennifer better. Why, mommy?” The kind of question for which there is
no answer *
*I stand here Ironing by Tillie Olsen *

*…Is it the way I wear my hair, just tell me the truth. boy, I don’t
care. Look at me as I am, I just don’t understand. Tell me why, why why ,
why don’t you love me the way I need to be loved? I keep trying….*

*Why dont you love me by Toni Braxton*

*Why don’t you love me when I make me so damn easy to love..*

*Why don’t you love me by Beyonce*

*I just don’t know what…

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