Letters: Dear June…

Dear June,

I approach this season bolder than ever, sure of seeing goodness in the land of the living.  Even with the howling winds, the falling leaves as the season simmers to winter.  Never have I been so certain of greater things coming as now.  To be convinced and convicted of the promise of tomorrow, the solid assurance of hope.

Another season, another horizon, ours to embrace with outstretched arms. Life is seasons, sun’s and moons; summers and winters. Ever changing horizons, through it all, nothing endures, but change. ~ timitude #Quotes

To my friends in the journey,  to urge them to hold on,  that there is no place for fear for favour and victory is here.

The year is half way,  and though it may seem as if nothing much has changed, yet indeed the tide has shifted.

For those who have been crying to start to rejoice,
Those who have been trying, to raise their game
To those who have been waiting that there time is now here
To those who have been dreaming it’s time to get to work
To those who have been afraid,  it’s time to step out
And to those who have been lost
It’s never too late to recover

I have learnt that never let anyone determine your ceiling, or underline your potential. Neither wallow in self pity or pursue the path of entitlement.

No one owes you a thing. 

Never let anyone save you from failure, embrace your challenge with wisdom and humility for you will surely win.
I learnt that
Faith and
Will get you far.

And that a greater part of success is just showing up.
I learn’t never to sweat the small stuff, never to play small, and never to be afraid to take the dive.
Dear June, I have never been richer with types of friends, who spice my life. With a family that holds fort in the challenges of life. I have always appreciated the power of relationships In our lives. I have been inspired by the beauty of nature, the power of trust,  and the magic of believing in the impossible even in the midst of circumstances that try to convince you otherwise.
And in this season, even in the face of the challenges of transition.
I choose to be a winner well in advance. I peg my pillar of victory right at the end.
Sure to emerge victorious, even in the face of trials and uncertainty.
I choose to trust,  to forge forward and never lose focus of the cause and the dream.
I chose to more than ever, unlock the power within and those of others, by beckoning the best of them.
I choose to smile and soldier on with a heart full of gratitude,  knowing that we reap what our attitude sows.
I choose to dream bigger, courageously, outrageously, and extravagantly.

Dear June, it’s time to live and be alive like NEVER before, even when the shrinks are howling play it safe and and the experts have had their field – I will never play small. And never will belong with the timid souls who know not triumph nor defeat. Or perhaps as our friend Diane Paradise challenged us on the #MiddleofNowhereShow, It’s time to Live BOLDLike Never Before, because it’s Liberating….. 

Life indeed is a DARING adventure, or NOTHING!

Wishing you ALL a BOLD month ahead indeed!

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