Blank Fridays: The Boss!

One of those classics from Nelson Kennedy…. Happy Friday!


courtesy: courtesy:

“Nelson is our *** in operation?” (Boss asking)

“Morning Sir, its working but out of 5 transactions only 1 will have a hitch though the cause is not from our end” (nelson replying)

“Ensure that the *** link is up and running 24/7 without any hitches” (Boss)

They are just so bossy, am here thinking in mind ‘how am I gonna solve that if am not the cause?’ They make orders, they push you around to do what they think; they watch your moves and can sack you if you are not careful. They plan, could be strategically or haphazardly but come to think of it, it’s amazing how they keep things going. One sip of a cup of coffee or a flip of newspaper page entices the decisions progress, making it hard to say No when you really wanted to say it. We call them Sir, Mr…

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