Timspirational Weekend : Purpose is your GPS in Life!

Courtesy: whatisnextlifecoaching.com

Courtesy: whatisnextlifecoaching.com

I have recently come to appreciate the power of purpose to fully guide the direction and trajectory of our lives.
Almost to determine the GPS coordinates of our existence, where we should be and what we should be doing at any point in time.
And to the point that it simplifies things for us to know when to move on and to where.  When to pause, and reflect.  When to go back at it again.

Courtesy: wireandwhimsy.com

Courtesy: wireandwhimsy.com

Purpose is a topic that has long fascinated me, and for a period,  I read about it and eventually I had to make the sermon my own. This took me to a journey perhaps the most comprehensive ever in consideration to other topics, to the point that I felt safe to consider myself an expert on the same. You may or may not be familiar with the classic ‘ The Purpose Driven Life‘ by Rick Warren that takes a deep dive into the topic.  What with the all important opening line, ‘It’s not about you!‘ This is the whole premise of the book, and even a 40 day long journey, which I had the privilege of being part of twice more than 7 years ago. It is one of those epic personal spiritual journeys that will change your perspective on life forever.  Anyway, back to where we were.

Rick Warren Talking about a Life of Purpose on TED => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=640BQNxB5mc

Again, I have had to experience this again a few times in between my life, and even recently used the P word in a work situation, that was otherwise meant to be difficult.  Though spoken spontaneously, and heartfelt, it’s effect has echoed back to me in such a personal way.  Interestingly, we spoke about Purpose in one of the #MiddleOfNowhere Shows [Episode 8] recently with fellow coach and co-host,  Janice Plado Dalager.

The message was simple and clear.  Purpose simplifies your life!

How and why?

As I can witness in my experiences no question could be more daunting and clear as ‘What on earth am I here for? It’s all about Becoming, Serving,  Giving and Expressing Love. 

What am I becoming right now at this particular place,  or situation?

What am I offering in service at this organization or community?

What value am I Giving to the world around me?

Is there any material value or impact on my world in what I’m doing currently?

Why am I here or still here in this place?

Yes, as you can tell, never easy questions to ask but certainly very clear pointers on where you should be and what you should be doing at any point in time.

I have recently done this self check and it was surprisingly simple to know the trajectory and direction.
Yes of course the hard part is always mustering the courage to follow the path that purpose points us to!

I urge you however to be bold and courageous and ask yourself this question, out and loud

What on earth am I here for?

Courtesy: inspirationboost.com

Courtesy: inspirationboost.com

You will be astounded what you find out!

Wishing you a bold and purposeful weekend.  Keep it #Timspirational!

6 thoughts on “Timspirational Weekend : Purpose is your GPS in Life!

  1. Hello,
    I really like your posts but i have to tell you something 🙂 The dictionary was changed in 1947 by all governments. Words that limit us were put in the dictionary as words that we use every day. For example “I want” In a dictionary before 1947 has more than 6 meanings that mean I LACK. This was done purposefully to limit our power… and you know that our word has a lot of power!
    The word “Purpose” was the same. In a dictionary before 1947 means: to place something before oneself and it also means to end…. the means to an end.
    Now with this knowledge I leave you my friend! Till next one!
    With much gratitude, Maria F.La Riva Certified Transformational Life Coach and Access BARS Facilitator (561)213-3819 http://www.MariaFLaRiva.com
    All of life comes to you with Ease, Joy and Glory

    • Thank you so much Maria, very good perspective indeed! I agree with you that the words that makes our daily diction can be rather limiting. We need to be constantly reminded and challenged of the limitless potential and we carry within. Thanks again and proud of what you do.

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