Creative Mondays: 6 Creative Habits to Nurture

Thoughts are the source of creativity and the foremost habit to have and nurture.



To get you started, Here is your top 3 things to Do

  • Set time to think
  • Set a place to think
  • Make creative thinking a habit
It is true, If you fail to plan you leave plenty of room for failure. If you consider yourself a Creative of any sort,  you must prioritize creating in your daily agenda.

Here is how

  • Set time to create (Write,  paint, draw etc)
  • Set time to connect with other creatives that will inspire you to keep creating (That is the purpose and mission behind #CreativeMondays! )
  • Allocate resources i.e. The tools you need for your trade or craft.
The adage ‘time flies when you are having fun’ is a reminder of how we should indulge in our craft.

Just to remind you

  • Build some play time in your routine
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Make fun part and parcel of your creative process
Imagination is your best friend as a creative. Keep it alive and wild as much possible.

Here is your dream drill

  • Feed your imagination constantly with all sorts of wild and possibility enabling points of view
  • Keep away from anything or anyone that can kill your ability to dream and imagine.
  • Always ensure you overfeed your inner dreamer and keep your inner critic in check. Remember you choose who wins by who you feed more.
Rest is the magical blanket that unveils creativity.  You need to set time to unwind and rest.

Here some pointers

  • Take several rests in between instead of waiting for one big rest at the end. This will ensure that you can sustain the creative flow and you can recover from the short breaks. it’s easier to manage this as a habit
  • Find something that will totally take you out of your creative context and put you at complete ease.  If you are a mental junkie,  opt for something physical that is recreational and so on
  • Take sabbaticals from time to time. This allows you longer times to reflect and recreate.
Make room for messes and imperfections. In fact built this into a habit within your craft.



As I writer I find it liberating when I can break all the rules in writing a piece,  say a poem just for fun.
  • Make room for experimenting in your craft. Combinations, breaks, patterns, rhythms and rhymes – in fact experimenting should be a key pillar to your process
  • Make messes and label them ‘How not to‘. Make a record of it I.e. pictures, video clips etc for your future reference, for fun or simply to share with others as lessons
  • Poke fun at your craft, or process whenever you can.  You will be more empowered in your creative space by the light that humour brings out.

Remember get started today as there no better day like today. This is our mantra at #CreativeMondays! To challenge and inspire you to pursue your creative potential, everyday. That’s why we do this collaboratively every week!



Go for it, and Happy Creative Week ahead!

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