Relationships Thursday: The Power of Association

Here is a beautiful rejoinder article to last weeks sizzling piece; from the lovely Adeola – Be Inspired! 

Just last Thursday, I was reading an article from our dearest Nancy
about relationships and I felt prompted to do a piece in relations to
that (thanks Nancy, for the inspiration).

We’ve all heard and read about the importance of setting goals, living
a purposeful and grateful life and all. One of the most or should I
say the most important factor to the success of anyone in this life is
actually ‘ASSOCIATION’.

The power of relationships cannot be over emphasized. I come from an
environment (community) where the caliber of people you know determine
a great deal to what extent you get to in life.



In Nancy’s post, she talked about you being responsible for your
happiness, I’ll put this in the perspective of goal setting and
achieving greatness…when you associate most of the time, with
critical and complaining people, who believe that its just impossible
to make a headway in life, your subconscious starts accepting this as
the truth and before you know it, its starts forming your belief
system and your values are based on that.

You cannot define relationships or make reasonable ones unless you
have a set of values and beliefs. John Assaraf in one of his podcast
explains how the belief system works. We base our values on
background, environments, parents, teachers and basically our
immediate sphere of contact.

You might have been exposed to the wrong value system, wrong
influences that has affected you sets of beliefs from childhood, it is
now, however, your responsibility to correct those beliefs and re
condition them in alignment to your set goals and ambitions and one
proven way to do this is by changing the crop of people in your
immediate sphere of contact.

Look out for mentors, people you’ll love to be like, try to connect
with them, get out there and network with people of like minds. Don’t
get into any relationship (be it intimate or casual) with anyone that
has absolutely nothing to do with your future, who isn’t walking in
the same direction as you or who isn’t seeing the same picture as you
and who isn’t speaking the same language.

Life is too short to mitigate your progress to complainers and time
wasters. The human race is a walking energy force and the more you get
around like minds, the more recharged and energized you are to press
towards your goal and ambition. Like Nancy puts it, if a relationship
is keeping you from the world, it is absolutely time to cut it off and
move on…act now.



To your success

5 thoughts on “Relationships Thursday: The Power of Association

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