Timspirational Weekend: Of Solstice, Suns and Seasons…

Solstice is upon us, a Happy one for those who bracing up for a “shift” not much of a ceremony in my part of the world – a good reminder nevertheless of the changes in life. Watch out for more on the #MiddleofNowhereShow tomorrow.

Courtesy: fmgmagazine.com

Courtesy: fmgmagazine.com

So a friend of mine on social media aptly wished me, and signaled the importance of seasons and tides

in this life. Oh, the sun shines, does pretty much everyday, at least in my hemisphere. So easy to be fooled that
The days are the same, or as Solomon in Ecclesiastes notes ‘Meaningless, all is meaningless”
So, we ride the wind, we stride the sun, and with each ebb and flow, life happens – be careful it don’t pass you by!
So I woke up this morning and as is routine, time to think and tweet, and a morning reflective walk. Yeah, a bit of social catch up with friends, some calls and the reminder of the value of relationships, savouring each moment, expressing our essence, living authentically each day. The 173rd day of the year (June 21st) almost done, the reflection in the mirror reminds me of my potential, living intentionally and on purpose has never been a more urgent reality. Yeah, the journey so far may have been rough, but it ain’t over yet… the dream still fully alive!
What’s your dream? What has been on the back-burner that needs to
Courtesy: quotes.lifehack.org

Courtesy: quotes.lifehack.org

As William Booth famously said… its all about “others”
The desire to be of service to humanity, to quench the thirst, hunger and help as my friend Trevlyn reminded us in the inspiring post Helping hands, “Others” has never been more urgent.
John Maxwell in his talk on purpose mentions that the whole purpose of life is “finding ourselves so we can lose ourselves“. This is the only guarantee of living a life of significance.
Yes, we miss the mark in many occasions
Often we forget who we are and our potential and need to be reminded
Sometimes we feel weak and want to give up
We are afraid, feel unworthy sometimes
But whatever the circumstances, Embrace the challenge
It’s normal to have challenges and set backs
And as the earth spins and seasons unfold
Remember never have you been closer to your destiny.

Never, Ever, Give Up… as Winston Churchill famously said.

Keep it #Timspirational

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