Potential: The CAPACITY Principle!

Potential speaks of latent abilities and capacity to evolve into something useful or significant in the future.
The explore more about this principle, we look at the acrostic CAPACITY.

Courtesy: personalexcellence.co

Courtesy: personalexcellence.co

Speaks of inherent powers and abilities, what is available within.
Taking stock of our current abilities, known and unknown is the beginning point.
To discover your potential, look at your SHAPE… or in other words
Spiritual Gifts
Hearts Delights or Hobbies and Passions
Abilities including natural gifts and talents and skills
Personality or what comes easily to you
Experiences or expertise and unique learnings over the years.
This gives you your current portfolio that you can leverage to your success.

Speaks of ways of thinking or feeling, simply how we perceive or see things.
How do you see perceive yourself and what is around you?
Do you see what you have in a positive light or negative light?
Courtesy: quotepixel.com

Courtesy: quotepixel.com

How do you see life and all around you?
Are you bold enough, daring enough to try?
What mindset do you see your world?

What is conceivable and what is in the scope of happening in and around you?
Are you able to see and engage this? What can you conceive in your minds eye?
Are you seeing problems or possibilities?
Courtesy: clancycross.com

Courtesy: clancycross.com

Beyond possibilities, are you able to exercise good judgment or take quick decisions to pursue the possibilities that present themselves around you?
Are you able to take action to grow yourself in preparation for possible opportunities in future?
Are you able to build networks and relationships that increase your reach or multiply your potential even?
Are you able to build systems, processes or tools that allow you to be effective and handle more than you normally would naturally?

Increasing our capacity and realizing our potential requires the stimuli of consistent change and personal challenge. Taking on the challenge of personal development and growth, challenging ourselves outside our comfort zones and continually daring and embracing challenges that come our way for the lessons and experiences we will gain that will further increase our capacities and personal potential.
The key questions to consider are.
Are you open to embrace challenges and change?
Are you challenging yourself to grow continuously and not settle?
Are you able to manage personal limitations, weaknesses and and leverage your strengths

Increasing our personal capacity requires both perspiration (effort) and inspiration (revelatory thoughts and ideas) that allows us to shift from beliefs and patterns that don’t serve us and live from a higher plane. Inspiration has a way of making the difficult easy, leading to inventiveness, creativity and greater sense of our abilities.
Courtesy: meetville.com

Courtesy: meetville.com

We draw inspiration from various sources
Often messages give us perspective – they allow us to see things from a different plane
Whatever inspires you

Potential and personal capacity should evolve and grow with time. When we are younger there are things we may not be able to do, but with time we should be able to master this. Expanding our capacity requires practice, time is the currency that allows us increase our value and begin to realize our potential.
Use time wisely to bring you closer to your personal potential.

Lastly and importantly, we grow our potential and capacity by embracing our journey and using every opportunity to sharpen our personal edge, increase our capacity and realize our potential. The beginning point to getting started in this journey and realizing our potential is by saying a big “Yes” to our potential within and desiring and seeking to nurture it everyday in everyway to its ultimate end and manifestation.
The challenge is… Will you say “Yes” to your potential today. Will you say “Yes” to the journey of nurturing your personal capacity and unlocking the possibilities in your world?

Start the Journey today with a big “Yes” and unlock your potential.

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