Creative Mondays: Signs of Inspiration….

Are you looking for that sign, that sense of flow, or just that spark that will ignite the inner genius within? This piece could never have come at a better time… be inspired to create like never before by the eclectic Trevlyn Ainsworth >>>>>



What spurs people in to action – to take that first initial step into uncharted territory – to become the person you were meant to be, live the reality you were born to live, and make the difference that will forever change the lives of others in this world?

Some of us are born with adventurous spirits. Others, not so much, and need a little more coaxing. Not everyone has a close-knit support group of friends and family, egging them on from the sidelines, to do more, create more, think more, and ultimately forge their own path in this lifetime. Does that mean they will remain inactive and live sedentary lives? Hardly!  Everyone is on a different journey, and there is no right or wrong path. People have different goals and dreams, and ultimately, we all have our own conscience, and ego, to encourage and discourage our decision-making process.

That’s where our individual power to tap into the energy of all those around us comes into effect.

Have you ever noticed that just when you were about to give up, your favourite song that inspired you when you were younger, is coincidentally playing on the radio? Or a random text or message from a friend comes through with an inspirational quote? How coincidental are these happenings really? I no longer believe in coincidences.



When you start watching for signs of inspiration, you’ll see that they are everywhere. The universe is perfectly balanced, and when we are at a low point in our lives, out-grown our current space, or need to spread our wings and embark on a new challenge in our lives -we are out of sync. As such, the universe will try to right itself and re-gain balance. This is when we are provided with the perfect springboard to launch us into our untapped potential

People, occurrences, music…..the universe is creative, and will use any and all means at its disposal to re-balance you, and inspire you along your path of self awareness, growth and discovery. Sometimes you’ll even realize that there were a few repetitive events that transpired before the universe got through to you and jolted you in to action. (The universe is nothing if not beautifully persistent).



Shakespeare was inspired to write his plays. Leonardo Da Vinci was inspired to paint, draw and create his artworks. Inspiration is the first breath that helps you to create the magic. It’s that niggle in the back of your mind, and the pressure in your chest that is a gentle nudge encouraging you to take a particular action. What step do you take though? How?  That is where the triggers come in – those encouraging words from friends and family, the song on the radio, or the beautiful sunset that gives you an idea, or solidifies a thought that you’ve been toying with for some time, or finally gives you the courage to put your plan in to practice.

We all have greatness within us. We are also all on this amazing journey called life. The fact that we have the ability to harness this greatness with full support of the universe is a truly beautiful and humbling experience, and with every breath that we take, we have the chance to create our own reality and forge our own destinies.



Wishing you Super #CreativeMondays & week!

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