Perspective: on Life’s Challenges and Problems..

She is your coach, your mentor, your counsellor and friend,
Here is Adeola, dazzling and inspiring as always… your success!

Now this is a life lesson I must share…..

People, as well as situations are just as highly placed and exalted as
you make them. You think your problem is really huge and you feel like
you’re just drowning and can’t get out…wait till that moment passes
and you’ll realize that it wasn’t so bad after all.

Do me a favour, would you? I need for you to do a quick ‘life audit’
and see whatever it is you are going through, whatever challenges you
might be facing, see it in the position of a third party. By this I
mean pretend like that challenge is someone else’s, that ‘someone’ has
come to confide in you…does it still sound like such a big deal?

If it does, here’s a tip… ignore it, yes I totally mean it, at least
for a couple days, free your mind from thinking about it, have fun,
relax, take a break, give yourself a treat. Here is what will happen;
you’ll find that you might have actually given way too much credence
and attention to the challenge in the first place which isn’t even
worth it.



Like a young toddler who constantly cries for attention, most life
challenges are just little distractions seeking our attention. Don’t
encourage it, making it appear bigger than it should be.



Please note however, that this is not for self-pitying individuals who
take pleasure and solace in misery and pity-party.

Much love..

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