Blank Fridays: AFTERMATH!

And He emerges from I-don’t-know-where…. with this eerie post, that has a hauntingly feel… but the end result is nothing short of spectacular…here is Nelson Kennedy unchained.. Aftermath!



Mommy was right when she insisted baby Jeen was never to be left playing alone. It was a day like any other, Sunday afternoon, Mommy and Daddy relaxing after the long gone week. Baby Jeen with her usual gymnastic; exhausted with every now then siesta – decided to wing out into the lime light alone!  It didn’t take a couple of minutes and a gaze from the skies and there approached Chipmazid (The most fierce Vulture bird like never seen before). Flying at a speed no-one could tell, it was inevitable – Jeen was soon in her nest.  All Mommy could hear was a desperate Waah, Waah! Call for help, All was left… a trail of two beautiful grey feathers that she used to comb. Now it’s all in the Aftermath……

Have you ever felt that way? Felt a remorseful voice inside you- saying if only! If only you were there! If only you didn’t leave! If only you had stayed or left! If only you knew……..  Yah we all feel that way but remember it will never shine brighter unless darkness was present. A dark past that lives to haunt your thoughts, the dark scenery where you saw blood, the dark events that permeate your life’s story…. where no future promise has been fulfilled. It will never come to pass until we forge ahead.



It is time to pick up the pieces (as they say) not throwing away and evading your stand or reality. The site may not be looking as beautiful as before, you may have been hurt, chains were broken, promises were not fulfilled and the end was war. Just think of it this way = it was not by your making = you didn’t choose for that to happen! It has all happened and all for a good reason.

Take heart still, everything will come to pass again, every problem will be turned to a solution and the grass will grow and be greener than before again.



Wishing you all a Redemptive Blank Friday…

2 thoughts on “Blank Fridays: AFTERMATH!

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