Timspirational Weekend: But I wouldn’t stop there….

But I wouldn’t stop there….

What could be more enticing than success? Baking your cake and eating it… calling the shots, calling the tunes… Really, the fancied and awed world of glamour and success. Knowing people, being and brushing shoulders with the ‘who is who’; being in the centre of attraction, attention or action. You bet all this is indeed thrilling!

As chronicled in a previous Timspirational piece, we almost all are trained to think and live sequentially. To be in waiting mode most of our lives. To belief in the light at the end of the tunnel theory and espouse it in our day to day to the detriment of what is possible in the here and now… Realizing the fullness that is in us. Maximizing the Today that is also called PRESENT… Well, let me not go down this route… But,

Here is my point.

In the concentric circles and layers of life where what we have sometimes outweighs who we are, at least in the eyes of society. It is so easy to choose acceptance and conformity. To choose comfort, lavish, and ease.
So easy even with the spoils of city life and the 21st Century; the accessibility of the internet and pay TV to just ‘live the life’ and have it easy.

Courtesy: spinnakr.com

Courtesy: spinnakr.com

And yes,

To be totally agnostic to the realities of the real world, and rather choose to be intimate with a screen instead of real human beings.
To be totally detached from all around us, to the point we behave like pointed zombies, worse robots.
And in our existentialism, we fail to live, we miss the opportunity to be, to experience life in all its fullness.
I know this post is drifty and unless you are of the subtle type you might miss its essence completely, but let me ask you this…

When was the last time you took a carefree stroll in the park, carefree, barefoot even into nature?
When was the last time you savoured the sunset and pondered on the magnificence of the beauty all around?
When was the last time you said the magical words “I Love You” with burning passion and fire in your eyes and a gush of feel in your soul?
When was the last time you laughed hard, your ribs almost burst open?
When was the last time you blew ’em candles excited of stepping onto the brink of new season, with blessings and bounty expected… and wait… truely believed that it would be beautiful and fabulous than the ‘good ol geese?’

I know you are as jolted as I, as I ask this questions.

And so I wouldn’t stop there even if they told me I was their star… the epitome of success!
I wouldn’t stop there If I looked in the mirror and I thought to myself… Gee boy, see you made it!
I wouldn’t even stop there for a sec and believe the gospel that, yeah, I was now among the elite, the middle class, or super class, or whatever lies business folk and magazines often peddle just find a way to snooze their way onto our pockets for some moola! – You are worth it, they will tell you!

Courtesy: grumblesmiles.co.uk

Courtesy: grumblesmiles.co.uk

So easy to stop there at the place of comfort and success and for a moment think you have arrived
So easy to believe that all there was to the journey was to get this pit stop; end up making a mole hill your mountain!
So easy to forget that our lives are intertwined, and beyond Success, we are called to Significance

Courtesy: mikelfrench.org

Courtesy: mikelfrench.org

So easy to imagine that it’s all about me, when all along it is and will always be about others.

Don’t be fooled, you haven’t made it until your brothers and sisters have made it too…. (Yes, Capitalism and Individualism is great, but be careful not to have been brainwashed to think it’s all about the Benjamins…)








5 thoughts on “Timspirational Weekend: But I wouldn’t stop there….

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    TҺe reason I ask is because ypur layout seems diffеrewnt then most blօgs and
    I’m lоoking fօr something completely unique. P.S Sorry for
    being off-topic but I had to ask!

    • Hi Tommy, Thanks indeed for your comment. For the moment i’m using WordPress and one of the free themes available. I would suggest to start with whichever platform you feel comfortable with and you can always change it later as you needs evolve.

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